Dr Peter Christopher


I have worked with Bullaki twice now: Once for a podcast through Cambridge university and once for an ongoing project in one of my startups. In both cases I worked with Samuele Lilliu and have been very impressed with how quickly and professionally things came together. Highly recommended.

Dr David Mohamad


Took care of a video production on my work on solar cell research and development. The production was very professional and well received among the research community

Dr Adriano Chan


It has been a pleasure working with Bullaki ltd for a TV broadcast project between the UK and Brazil.

Prof Revd Andrew Davison


Samuele Lilliu did a very professional job. His studio is well-equipped and he had put considerable time into preparing for the interview he recorded with me.

Dr Oier Bikondoa

Beamline Scientist

Collaborating with Samuele for more than 10 years has been highly productive in terms of scientific output. Samuele has also produced excellent quality promotional videos for our research group.

Prof Nick Tosca


Worked with Samuele on recording a science-themed podcast in 2022. What a great experience! The professional recording studio was a comfortable setting to work in, and Samuele s questions and suggested format for the podcast kept it interesting and relevant.

Prof Paul Rimmer


Enjoyed my interview with Bullaki Science Podcast, and learned a great deal from the host. It is great to talk with someone who takes time to understand and engage with the science.

Rebecca Joy

Archivist NETFLIX

Samuele provided a clip for a documentary series I worked on. It was an absolute pleasure to work with him and would highly recommend him.

Peter Hellyer


Very pleased with Bullaki s work filming my recent (November 2019) talk at the launch event of the Cambridge University Emirati Society, on history & heritage of the United Arab Emirates. The YouTube version attracted an enormous amount of attention