SciVpro: logo design

Panoramica Il logo che presentiamo qui è stato concepito per Scivpro, un’entità innovativa che si immerge nel mondo dei peer-reviewed video articles. La missione di Scivpro è quella di rendere la scienza accessibile e coinvolgente per un pubblico ampio, e il logo è una rappresentazione visiva di questo obiettivo. Composizione e Simbolismo: il logo è stato concepito con un carattere tipografico storico, Il Didot, celebre per la sua eleganza e per il suo stile pulito e classico che comunica chiarezza e precisione, qualità fondamentali nell’ambito scientifico.

Bluehost Emails Stop Working After Switching to Netlify

A Name Server is a critical component of the Domain Name System (DNS), which is responsible for converting human-readable domain names into IP addresses that computers can understand and communicate with. When a domain name is registered, its associated Name Server information is also recorded. This information tells other Name Servers on the Internet where to find the authoritative Name Server for that domain, which holds the actual mapping of domain names to IP addresses.

Custom Peer Reviewed Editorial Framework

Setting up an Editorial Framework for a Peer-Reviewed Video Journal with WordPress (Toolset, Elementor) and MATLAB.

Hosting Hugo Website on Netlify for Free

Deploying a Hugo static site with Netlify is efficient, fast, and for free.

SEO With Hugo (14) Seo Keywords

SEO keywords help improve website visibility & ranking in search results. Relevance & intent-based keywords, used in right places, drive more traffic.

SEO With Hugo (13) Html and CSS Validation

HTML & CSS validation ensures code is correct, follows standards, improves website compatibility & accessibility, and helps catch errors early.

SEO With Hugo (12) Sitemaps

Sitemaps & robots.txt help search engines efficiently crawl your website. Sitemaps list all pages while robots.txt exclude sensitive/unwanted pages.

SEO With Hugo (11) Minifying Html

Minifying HTML removes unnecessary data to reduce file size, improving page load times, reducing bandwidth usage, and bettering SEO.

SEO With Hugo (10) Svg Optimisation

There are several ways to optimize the management of SVG fonts in a website without loading full libraries: Use inline SVG: Instead of linking to an external SVG file, you can embed the SVG code directly into the HTML document. This eliminates the need for an additional HTTP request. Use font-display: The CSS font-display property allows you to specify how your web fonts should load and display. By setting font-display: swap;, you can ensure that the fallback font is displayed while the SVG font is being loaded.

SEO With Hugo (9) Images Optimisation

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SEO With Hugo (8) CSS Optimization

CSS optimization improves page loading speed, which positively impacts user experience and SEO by reducing bounce rate and increasing dwell time.

SEO With Hugo (7) Javascript Optimization

Optimizing JavaScript improves website speed, user experience, and search engine visibility, leading to better SEO.

SEO With Hugo (6) Open Graph for Social Media

Open Graph tags help search engines understand the content on a webpage, improving SEO and social media sharing.

SEO With Hugo (5) Breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs improve website navigation and SEO by showing users & search engines site hierarchy.

SEO With Hugo (4) - Structured Data Markup

JSON-LD helps search engines understand website content, improving SEO by providing clear, structured data for search engine crawlers.

SEO With Hugo (3) - Website Structures

Well-structured website improves visibility & ranking in SERPs, making it easier for search engines to understand & index content.

SEO With Hugo (1) - HTML Semantic Tags

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) with Hugo - part 1 - HTML Semantic Tags.

Plotting a graph with Plotly in Hugo using data from RESTful API

How to retrieve data from a RESTful API and have it displayed on a Hugo static website using Plotly and Javascript.

Ducati Multistrada café racer

Personalizzare e guidare una Ducati Multistrada 620 dark nel terreno accidentato della Giara (Sardegna)

Mappatura 3D con drone del nuraghe di Las Plassas

Panoramica ed esercitazione sulle tecniche di mappatura 3D per indagini archeologiche incluso un breve documentario sul Nuraghe s’Uraxi (Lasplassas, Sardegna).

Pub Club 27

Club 27 è il primo pub di Barumini situato nel cuore del paese; un’esperienza unica nel suo genere che unisce arte, musica e cocktail.

DJ FJK Live a Cala Coticcio

Un DJ set di FJK sulla bellissima spiaggia di Cala Coticcio in Sardegna.