• Hard Shell Case
  • Adjustable Arm for Mini Follow Focus
  • Photographic Lens Follow Focus Adapter
  • Mini Follow Focus Body
  • Mini Follow Focus Marking Disk
  • 0.8m Pitch Follow Focus Gear
  • 2x Hard Stop Screws
  • Tiltaing 15mm Bottom Single Rod Holder
  • 15x100mm Black Aluminum Rod
  • Allen Key Tool
Nuragic Bikers
Nuragic Bikers Tour Barumini


Tilta FF-T06 (FFT06) Tiltaing Mini Follow Focus. The Mini Follow Focus is made as a single unit with the ability to adjust the single rod attachment to fit any sized cine lens or photo lens. The single rod attachment mounts to any standard 15mm rail.

The Focus wheel features a 360 degree rotation with adjustable hard stops. The focus wheel also features a fluid dampening system that helps with precision focusing. The marking disk is removable and can be marked and cleaned for repeated use. The kit includes the Mini Follow Focus, a Zip Tie Follow Focus Ring, a 15mm single rod attachment, two allen keys, a 15x100mm black aluminium rod and a portable case.