• DF DIGITALFOTO Thanos Pro II Support Vest Steadicam System
DigitalFoto Thanos Pro 2 Steadicam with DJI RS2 and BMPCC4K


DigitalFoto’s THANOS-PRO got great success for DJI Ronin S, Moza air 2, Zhiyun crane 2 Gimbals. With the development of the gimbal industry, more and more innovative gimbals were released. DJI RS2/RSC2, Zhiyun Crane 3S, etc. Gimbal + Gears on gimbal make whole setup heavier and harder to carry. Gimbal market is calling for the THANOS-PROII.

  • The monitor can be installed on the collar or monopod sled base according to your demand You can adjust the counterweight quantity according to your gimbal, arm, and gears weight
  • If a V Mount power system is installed on the sled base, you will reduce the side counterweight which may cause an imbalance
  • If your top part is too heavy, you can extend monopod length or add counterweight; If your top part is too light, you can shorten the monopod length to reduce counterweight
  • When installed, adjust the dual spring arm tension until the arm is horizontal; Rotating the knob clockwise, will increase the tension of the arm; Turning the knob counter clockwise, will reduce the tension of the arm
  • Adjusting the vest lower can help with back fatigue
  • To achieve best shooting condition, you should keep the gimbal still, by adjusting the bottom counterweight and gimbal head position
  • To ensure 100% safety, when the yoke installation is complete, we advise locking the structure which will avoid golden release Retractation. You MUST lock this, to avoid any potential risk